Continuing Education

Throughout the year Polestar Pilates NZ organises a multitude of master classes, workshops, courses and information sessions in various New Zealand locations. Examples of these are mentioned and shown below.


Jen Guest Polestar Pilates Educator

In-person two-day Women’s Health course with Jen Guest

A two-day Continuing Education Course, to demystify working with the pregnant client, and to give clear, evidence-based treatment approaches for women with different types of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Jen Guest Polestar Pilates Educator

In-person workshop – Teaching Sequences to Progress/Regress your Reformer Classes

A two-day Continuing Education Course, to demystify working with the pregnant client, and to give clear, evidence-based treatment approaches for women with different types of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Juan Nieto Polestar Educator teaching Pilates

Pilates for Chronic Low Back Pain

We are very fortunate to have Madrid-based Juan Nieto provide TWENTY video modules about Chronic Low Back Pain, which you can access for up to 12 months once you’ve signed up, in your own time and place.

Hip Mobility & the Splits 300W

Online Hip Mobility & Splits Workshop

WELCOME TO EMILY’S ONLINE HIP MOBILITY & SPLITS WORKSHOP!!   This workshop is not only about achieving the splits!There’s no expectation to perform the splits but if your aim is to get there, this workshop offers all the tools and guidelines to achieve both the front and side splits.However, if your goals are just to increase flexibility...


Spinefitter by Polestar Pilates Teacher Training

Enhancing Spine Health: The Spinefitter® meets Polestar® Pilates

In this exclusive 2-part online/live course, you will learn how to use the Spinefitter in conjunction with the Polestar Pilates principles to improve outcomes for yourself and your clients.

Shelly Power Critical Reasoning Course

In-person two-day course with the amazing Shelly Power

This two-day IN-PERSON course is designed for skilled Pilates teachers interested in post-rehabilitation as well as rehabilitation professionals who want to learn to better assess and design effective Pilates programs for their clients and patients.

International Pilates Masterclass with Christi Idavoy

LIVE online Masterclass with Costa Rica-based Christi Idavoy

In this one-hour online Masterclass by Costa Rica-based Christi Idavoy, participants will explore ease through movement and will go on an inward journey to explore the joy of fluid movement. The intention of this class is to restore our relationship with gravity and ourselves. Through a variety of movement patterns we will dance with our breath and find the gift of being. ATTEND AND EARN 1 CEC.

Audrey Ng’s Workshop POSTURE LAB

“Posture Lab” LIVE in-person workshop with Audrey Ng

In this four-hour in-person Workshop by Perth-based Audrey Ng, participants will be able to update their observational skills, learn effective teaching tools and cues to share with their clients to acquire sustainable, optimal posture. ATTEND AND EARN 4 CECs


“Upper Body Core in the Pilates Studio” with Audrey Ng

In this four-hour in-person Workshop by Perth-based Audrey Ng, participants will be able to investigate the role of the diaphragm and pelvic floor, integrating the head, torso and pelvis, connecting the upper body to our “core”. ATTEND AND EARN 4 CECs


“Hip Full Circle in the Pilates Studio” – in-person workshop with Audrey Ng

In this four-hour in-person Workshop by Perth-based Audrey Ng, participants will be able to deepen their understanding of the relationship between the hip, pelvic floor and myofascial slings. ATTEND AND EARN 4 CECs


“Pilates for Pregnancy and Beyond” with Audrey Ng

In this four-hour in-person Workshop, Perth-based Audrey Ng will present the latest recommendations for exercise during pregnancy and the immediate post-partum period. ATTEND AND EARN 4 CECs

Polestar Pilates Teacher Training Masterclass

LIVE online Masterclass “Sentient Soles” with US-based Kim Gibilisco

In this one-hour online Masterclass by New York-based Kim Gibilisco, participants will learn how to unleash the full potential of the 3-stations of the foot: forefoot, mid-foot, and rear-foot. ATTEND AND EARN 1 CEC.

Pilates Mat training with Props
Women in Pilates Mat Training course

Flowing Mat Master Class

In this 90-minute advanced level Pilates Mat MasterClass, we will connect the 34 Mat exercises found in the “Return to Life” book written by Joseph Pilates, through transitions choreographed into music to facilitate flow. You’ll get to understand modifications of the movements to allow a larger population to perform it with safety, pleasure, and ease.

From the ground up Workshop

Join Joanne Bezzina for this inspiring two-hour workshop focused on creating a balanced, well rounded Pilates session from the perspective of the feet. As Pilates instructors, our role is to engage with our clients as a whole person.

Fun & Flowing Mat Movement Class – SOLD OUT

Put the notebooks away and join Jo for an energising morning Mat Class!The focus will be on you (not your clients) as we move together in readiness for the day. Jo will invigorate your mind with exercises that challenge your coordination and precision.Get ready for an hour of fun transitions and crazy cues.Registration fee is...

Advanced Assessment Skills – Level 1 Workshop

Become a Polestar Advanced Pilates Teacher and help meet the growing demand in your community for teachers proficient in working with athletes, dancers, elite performers and medium to high-risk clients. At the same time increase your value as a Pilates teacher! The Advanced Assessment Skills series helps movement teachers develop and apply necessary intake, assessment and critical-thinking...

Kim Gibilisco Polestar Pilates Educator in action

Hip Me With Your Best Shot – by US-based Kim Gibilisco

‘Hip Me with Your Best Shot’ is a LIVE 3-hour Zoom workshop for healthcare professionals, Pilates Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, Dance Educators, and professional athletes.

Getting into Pilates Splits workshop

Getting to the Splits

Have you always wanted to be able to do the splits? It’s biomechanically possible for everyone (no matter how stiff) so there’s no reason why you can’t! Join Perth-based Elizabeth Wilson for this 2 hour workshop to learn everything you need to know to reach the front and side splits. We’ll be using the latest...

Pilates Reformer course exercises

Health of Lumbar and Cervical Spine

This 2-hour workshop provides you with exercises that help us protect our lumbar and cervical spines. The approach lies on creating efficiency and control of movement, stimulating whole body movement with submaximal contractions, connecting from the base of our body, and using fun props to create traction, oscillation, intelligent movement strategies and fascial release.

Experience Dr. Brent Anderson’s Mat Masterclass and Lecture

Experience a Movement Masterclass with Dr. Brent Anderson and hear him talk about a fresh approach to work-life-movement balance that is Polestar Life Essentials. Gain deeper insight into Joseph Pilates’ original principles and how to incorporate them into your life today for maximum wellness. MASTER MAT CLASS – Saturday 15 Sept 2.00 – 3.00pm Enjoy...

Chi Ball Pilates workshop course

Masterclass: ChiBall

This wonderful 90-minute Master Class is also run by Kimberley Garlick at Pilates Flow in Hataitai.Discover your centre and symmetry with the simplistic tool of the ChiBall in the Mat class. Work deeper and more effectively and decrease the opportunity to cheat your body. Full of innovative ways to work your Pilates clients both in the studio...

Juan teaching Pilates

Move & Run Workshop by Runity

Running is recognized as the most powerful activity in improving our health and developing both our brain and body. However, running is an unsuccessful activity for most people. We know how to make running safer, more efficient and enjoyable every time you run.Running is a fundamental movement skill, therefore running form can only be improved...

Pilates Mat Training Course

Masterclass: Matwork Party

Italy-based Serafino Ambrosio is returning to New Zealand to run this 90 minute masterclass, held at the Pilates Body Studio in Auckland CBD.This 90-minute movement class has a creative, playful warmup… and then explores innovative ways to expand on your Matwork vocabulary. New ideas & great fun – a MUST attend! Normal registration fee equals $75 incl....

Women at Polestar Pilates Training course

Movement and Connectivity Class

This 90-minute Mat Masterclass provides “Movement, Connnection and Connectivity”! Movement in various positions, focusing on connecting the whole body, and the whole body to the floor, wakening the various body systems and refining self perception. We will connect ourselves from inside out and to others, through touch, movement, play and music.

Open the Gait – Continuing Education Course with Audrey Ng

We count ourselves lucky to get Perth-based Audrey Ng over to New Zealand to take this Continuing Education course ‘Open the Gait’.This course for Pilates teachers provides in-depth instruction on how to assess and improve gait.Learn functional and dysfunctional gait mechanics and movement patterns, as well as the relationship between gait and Pilates. We use Polestar’s...

Pilates for Scoliosis

Pilates for Scoliosis – 1-day Workshop

Elizabeth Wilson leads this intensive and enlightening 1 day workshop that will give you a practical approach to managing clients with Scoliosis. Walk away with enhanced practical knowledge of Scoliosis from early age thru adulthood. Learn about the pathologies, limitations and comorbidities; how to identify what is and is not important when assessing movement of...

Pilates Mat Training Course pregnancy

Pilates Matwork Programming for Pregnancy

Join Elizabeth Wilson at this 4-hour workshop for this comprehensive review of Pilates mat programming during pregnancy.We’ll discuss the latest research on pregnancy contraindications & precautions then learn a wide selection of creative mat-based repertoire & modifications for use with ante-natal clients.Attention will be paid to group class programming for specialist pregnancy classes as well as options...

Pilates Mat Training Course with Props

Props Mat Masterclass – with a focus on breath

Don’t miss this 90-minute fun masterclass that will combine creative ways to use TheraBand, magic circle and small inflatable (chi) balls with imagery. This class will challenge you to think critically about what is being achieved rather than simply using a prop for the novelty factor.

Image of Pilates course body

Retrain your Brain: Neurological Applications of Pilates

Join Senior Polestar Educator Elizabeth Wilson for this Continuing Education Course for Pilates Instructors.This 2-day (16 hours) course is designed to identify special needs and interventions for individuals suffering from common neurological pathologies; Neurological Injury & Neurological Disease and it builds on Polestar’s principles of movement to facilitate a successful movement experience for clients suffering from these...

Woman on Pilates Mat doing exercise

Shoulder Girdle Workshop

Organizing the Shoulders with Pilates and More Join the amazing Brazil-based Alice Becker at this 2-hour workshop that focuses on the efficiency of movement of the shoulder girdle and its neighbouring areas, for a better congruency and freedom of movement of the arms, connecting them to the trunk and the whole body.

Sway Back Workshop

Join Joanne Bezzina for inspired ways to program studio sessions for the swayback client. This two-hour workshop will give you some creative ways to supercharge your client’s progress keeping their postural bias in mind.

Audrey Ng Polestar Pilates Educator

Three Continuing Education Workshops + FREE* Round Table with Audrey Ng

We count ourselves lucky to get Perth-based Audrey Ng over to New Zealand to take these 3 Continuing Education workshops and a FREE* Round Table discussion – suitable for Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and experienced movement professionals: Workshop 1: Posture Lab – Sat 17 Aug 8.45am to 1.00pm Workshop 2: Functional Assessment and Integration of...

Pilates Mat Training Course

Creative Matwork Party

Italy-based Serafino Ambrosio is returning to New Zealand to run this 2.5-hour workshop, held at the Pilates Body Studio in Auckland CBD.This workshop is full of creative repertoire and transitions, using all body positions and planes of movements that will blend harmonious movement for you to incorporate in your Mat work classes that will inspire your clients...

Woman on Pilates Mat doing exercise

Cueing & Programming for Shoulder Girdle Organisation

Shoulder girdle organisation is tough to deal with in Pilates! It’s proprioceptively difficult to feel what’s going on around the shoulder and many of us have years of training in faulty movement to undo.Join Senior Polestar Educator Elizabeth Wilson for this session which will review the concepts of correct shoulder girdle organisation and assessment and then go...

Pilates apparatus training course

Pilates Interventions to Outwit Osteoporosis

Bone up on your knowledge of osteoporosis prevention and management in the Pilates environment with this workshop by Senior Polestar Educator Elizabeth Wilson.Over 4 hours you will: Learn how to identify clients at high risk of osteoporosis and understand the results of their bone density scans. Find out answers to commonly asked questions about nutrition and...

Pilates exercise on Mat

Switch on Your Internal Mirrors

Australia-based Kimberley Garlick is returning to New Zealand to run this 3-hour workshop, held at Pilates Flow in Hataitai.Switch on your internal mirrors, discover language and practical skills to create deeper understanding of the Pilates principles of movement. This workshop is extremely user friendly and will have your clients understanding their body and Pilates even more. Quirky,...

Pilates Mat training with Props

The Melt Method

Here by popular demand…The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a simple system of myofascial release techniques that you can use yourself at home or incorporate into your Pilates lessons. Just 10 minutes of MELT three times a week is all you need to begin reducing the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living.MELT...

Polestar International also makes available a large library of “Pilates Hour” sessions, we encourage you to check these out by clicking this link