Enhancing Spine Health: The Spinefitter® meets Polestar® Pilates

Spinefitter by Polestar Pilates Teacher Training

2-part online/live course

Alex Bohlander

Online Live Sat 3 Feb '24 - with online access to the course prior to 3 Feb

3pm to 6pm - via Zoom

$495 (incl. GST) - does NOT include the Spinefitter - see below

6 hours in total - 3 hours self-paced online, 3 hours virtual live (via Zoom - see below)

Learn how to incorporate the Spinefitter, a new innovative device to your Pilates practice

Learn how to incorporate the Spinefitter®, a new innovative device to your Pilates practice

SPINEFITTER® by SISSEL is an innovative physical therapy and training device with 28 interconnected balls that relieve tension and improve joint mobility with deep pressure. It enhances movement using deep pressure and open fibrous connective tissue in the spine, targeted body regions, and muscles groups.

Developed by Polestar educator and osteopath Nina Metternich, the Spinefitter is a device that can be used to improve flexibility, strength, and balance.

In this exclusive 2-part online/live course, you will learn how to use the Spinefitter in conjunction with the Polestar Pilates principles to improve outcomes for yourself and your clients.


This Spinefitter course is delivered in two parts, 3 hours each:

  • Part 1 (Self-Paced), Starts 14 January ’24 and can be taken at any time: Online introduction to the SPINEFITTER®. Topics include:
    • Development of the SPINEFITTER®
    • Principles and advantages
    • How and why Pilates + SPINEFITTER
    • Exercises on the mat
    • Exercises on the Pilates apparatus (Reformer/Trapeze Table and others)
  • Part 2 (Live, Online via Zoom), 3 February ’24 3pm-6pm: Live demonstration and case studies with Alexander. Topics include:
    • Application experiences
    • Demonstration of modifications and progressions
    • Discussion of case studies
    • Implementation in therapy, private training, and group training.

NOTE: Spinefitter needs to be purchased separately, well in advance to the online course! Select your Spinefitter for $245 (incl GST, EXCL shipping costs) by clicking on one of the following:

Watch Polestar CEO Brent Anderson and Spinefitter Master Instructor Alexander Bohlander discuss Spinal Health below:

Workshop Educator

Alexander Bohlander
Alex Bohlander

Alexander has been a dedicated practitioner of holistic physiotherapy and osteopathy since 1995, complementing his practice with an integrated Pilates studio.

Alexander is a Senior Educator for Polestar, Licensee for Polestar Pilates Europe, Therapist and Osteopath with studios and practices in Germany. As Pilates and movement specialists, Alexander has presented worldwide and published articles about current Pilates-related concepts of movement integration. He is the author of the Pilates Teacher Manual (Springer Heidelberg 2016), available in 5 languages.

He brings a wealth of expertise, particularly in rehabilitation and neuropathologies.

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