Mat Course

Discover the building blocks of movement throughout the full repertoire of Pilates exercises as executed in their pure form on the mat. Develop techniques that focus on group dynamics for mat exercises while evaluating and applying Polestar principles.

Course Description

The Pilates Mat course enables fitness professionals and physical therapy professionals to incorporate mat-based Polestar Pilates-evolved exercises into their training and rehabilitation programs.

Programme design and exercise sequencing are addressed for group formats and one-on-one training. Theory and practice of Polestar principles and instruction techniques are applied to each exercise. Verbal, tactile and combined cueing practices are addressed to facilitate motor learning.

The Pilates Mat course can be completed either as a combination of in-person and virtual online, OR completely virtual online.

Who is this course for

Certified fitness instructor or instructor of movement arts (e.g. yoga, Tai Chi, practitioners of somatic movement)


Participation in 25 hours of group or private Pilates classes

Completion of Polestar Principles Online – in your own time prior to M-1 (see below)

Strongly recommended: One semester of basic anatomy/physiology or equivalent. If you need to refresh your anatomy and physiology knowledge, please click here for details of how we can help.


The Polestar Pilates Mat Series consists of two 12 to 12.5hour sessions and need to be taken in the following order: Polestar Principles Online, Mat-1, Mat-2

Mat Series Flow chart
Polestar Pilates Mat work

Course Components

PO – Principles Online – in your own time

The first course to be completed for all Polestar Series is the Principles Online (PO) course. This non-apparatus course applies current research in movement science, biomechanics, kinesiology and motor learning to instructional practice through six basic movement principles that are utilised throughout the Polestar curriculum.

The PO course also introduces Polestar Pilates Screening, which includes postural evaluation and functional testing, to prepare participants to properly design and implement Pilates exercises for patients and clients. This unique component significantly enhances decisionmaking skills as a Pilates practitioner.

The online course is divided into the following 8 segments, can be taken in multiple sittings and can be watched several times for optimal learning:


Principle 1: Breathing

Principle 2: Axial Elongation & Core Control

Principle 3: Spine Articulation

Principle 4: Organization of the Head, Neck, and Shoulders

Principle 5: Alignment & Weight Bearing of the Extremities

Principle 6: Movement Integration

Principles: Additional Resources

Short quizzes are offered throughout to identify the most important concepts and to help students organise their thoughts and study time.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion you will be able to:

Deepen your knowledge in current evidence-based research pertaining to movement science, motor learning, bioenergetics and communication

Understand the Polestar Principles of Movement

Demonstrate the ability to correctly execute and teach over 130 exercises and their variations

Be able to use the ICF Model or the Polestar Screening, specifically designed for the movement professional, which includes postural evaluation and functional testing to determine your clients’ strengths, weaknesses and goals

Please note that for those participants undertaking more than one Polestar Series course, it is only required to complete PO ONE time. So if for example, you want to complete the Polestar Comprehensive Series after you have completed the Mat Series, you do not have to redo PO.

Once payment has been received, access will be provided to the online resources.

M1 thru M2: Pilates Mat Levels 1-2 (approx. 24 hours on-site/virtual courses)

The Polestar Pilates Mat program provides instruction in Pilates principles, techniques and practice with emphasis on group dynamics for the Pilates Mat. After the Principles Online course (PO), the Pilates Mat program continues with two 12-hour sessions, with each session spread out over three days, and both sessions scheduled at least one month apart, either in-person, virtual online, or a combination of virtual online and in-person. The time between courses allows you to practice and become comfortable with the material before continuing to the next course.

The two 12-hour sessions are a combination of virtual, online sessions and in-person sessions. Typically they comprise the following:

MAT-1: approx. 12.5 hoursMAT-2: approx. 13 hours
DayApprox. TimeSummary DescriptionDay Approx. TimeSummary Description
Friday5-6pmVirtual Mat Class (Via Zoom)Friday5-6pmVirtual Mat Class (Via Zoom)
Friday6-6:30pmVirtual Group Discussion (Via Zoom)
Saturday8:30-10amVirtual Group Discussions (Via Zoom)Saturday8:30-10amVirtual Group Discussions (Via Zoom)
Saturday10:30-12pmVirtual Group Discussion - continued (Via Zoom)Saturday11:30-1:30pm(In-Person) with Cohort and Mentor/Educator
Saturday1:30-3:30pm(In-person) with Cohort and Mentor/EducatorSaturday2:30-5pmContinue (In-Person) with Cohort and Mentor/Educator
Saturday 4-5pmContinue (in-Person) with Cohort and Mentor/Educator
Sunday8:30-10:30am(In-Person) with Cohort and Mentor/EducatorSunday8:30-10:30am(In-Person) with Cohort and Mentor/Educator
Sunday10:45-12:15pmContinue (In-Person) with Cohort and Mentor/EducatorSunday10:45-12:15pmContinue (In-Person) with Cohort and Mentor/Educator: Labs
Sunday12:30-3:00pmContinue (In-Person) with Cohort and Mentor/EducatorSunday12:30-3:00pmContinue (In-Person) with Cohort and Mentor/Educator

Please note that the above may vary, depending on pandemic rules & regulations.

The principles learned in PO will be applied throughout the two courses and you will learn the following:


  • Mat exercises for beginning through advanced levels
  • Dynamics of group training
  • Program design and exercise sequencing
  • Advanced cueing skills
  • Exercise modifications for a variety of populations

Mat with Props (2-day on-site/virtual course) – Continuing Education course

The Mat with Props course is an additional, individual Continuing Education course that incorporates a unique blend of Pilates Mat exercises with small props (Foam Roller, Oov, Bosu, Freeform boards, Swiss Balls, Small Balls, Resistance Bands, Ring, Rotation Discs and Wedge) to enhance and challenge your Pilates Mat repertoire.

If you are keen to develop your teaching skills and tools beyond the essential Mat repertoire taught in M1 and M2, then Mat with Props is essential, as it teaches you how to use various small apparatus and props to enhance Mat movement in many ways.

You learn how to use props to add challenge and variety to a basic movement during a Mat class. In turn, this helps prepare the body for a more demanding Mat repertoire.

Many people struggle with very advanced Mat work. Mat with Props gives you the skills to use props to facilitate these harder exercises so that more clients are able to perform them, thus making more of the Mat repertoire accessible to more clients.

In all of the exercises covered in Mat with Props, we consider how to either challenge or facilitate movement considering the Base of Support, Centre of Gravity, Balance, Co-ordination, Strength, Mobility, Proprioception and Alignment required for each exercise.

Not only does Mat with Props enhance the repertoire that you can actively teach clients to spice up your Mat classes; it also enhances your critical reasoning skills to help your teaching. Students always come away from Mat with Props feeling as if they have expanded their knowledge and have many more skills to apply to their Pilates teaching.

You must have completed PO, M1 and M2 before you can do Mat with Props – and here’s some feedback from students who completed this course:

‘Having travelled up from the South Island to attend the Mat with Props course in Auckland, I found it was a great way to extend my teaching repertoire, the instruction was excellent and, having invested considerable money into flights and accommodation for the weekend, I was really pleased with the course and what I learned.’

‘The Mat with Props course was such a great module to add to my Mat teaching repertoire. I found the knowledge brought more freedom and knowledge to my class plans. It was a very fun and educational weekend.’

‘The Polestar Mat with Props course is an essential course that extended my Mat teaching knowledge, exploration, repertoire and creativity.’

‘It’s such a fun and challenging experience, a must attend for Mat instructors who have completed the Polestar Mat series…!’

PLEASE NOTE: You can sign up for Mat with Props as a standalone Continuing Education course OR as part of the package MAT SERIES: PO, MAT 1, MAT 2 and MAT WITH PROPS.

Mat Certification

Certification involves completing the series, completion of assignments and short quizzes, as well as a number of hours of observations, self-mastery, assistant teaching, and practical teaching (as outlined below). Full certification is given once the final written and practical exam is passed – pass mark is 80%.

CoursePre-CourseOnline Lectures (PO)LecturesObservationPractice (Self-Mastery)Apprentice Teaching
Mat Series251024255050

Text Books

As part of the training students will be required to purchase the following course textbooks (additional to course fees):

  • Anatomy of Movement , Blandine Calais-Germain: Eastland Press 1993
  • The Complete Writings of Joseph H Pilates (Return To Life & Your Health), Joseph Pilates: Bain Bridge Books

Polestar may have copies of these books available from head office in Auckland – please enquire by please enquire by clicking here


As shown above students will be required to complete practice hours (self-mastery), which are in addition to course fees. Polestar have a national network of New Zealand mentors that can offer assistance with practice and teaching hours: click here for the list of names and locations.

Further information will be given out on the first day of the course.

Locations & Course Dates

LocationCoursePOMAT 1MAT 2MAT With Props
AUCKLAND CBD 2022Mat Series12 & 13 Nov '22
HAWKE'S BAY 2022Mat Series12 & 13 Nov '22
AUCKLAND CBD 2022Mat SeriesWell before Friday 12 Aug '2213 & 14 Aug '228 & 9 October '2212 & 13 Nov '22

PLEASE NOTE: It’s very important to register well ahead of time, because you need to complete the online theory portion of the course prior to attending in-person weekend. Don’t hesitate and register now!

Course Fees

Course fees include attendance at lectures, student manuals and handouts, morning and afternoon teas, as well as GST. Students are responsible for all personal extras, such as travel and accommodation and personal supplies and lunch during the course dates.

Please note that an automatic credit card surcharge of 2% gets added when you pay via Visa or Mastercard. This fee will be added to your invoice & receipt.

If you have completed any of our other training courses with Polestar NZ you are entitled to an additional discount. Please contact us for the details.

Also, you can see below that you can register for a BUNDLE of both the Mat and Reformer Series in one go. This saves you a considerable amount compared to completing these two course series separately.

Contact us by clicking here if you are interested in this package.

The Mat and Reformer Series bundle is made up of PO, Mat-1, Mat-2, Ref-1, Ref-2, and Ref3.

LocationEarly Bird PriceNormal Package PriceEarly Bird Saving
Auckland - MAT Series: PO, MAT 1 and MAT 2$2,450**$2,575*$125**
Auckland - MAT with Props Only$860*****$895*$35*****
Auckland - MAT Series: PO, MAT 1, MAT 2 and MAT with Props$3,140**$3,295*$155**
Auckland - REFORMER & MAT BUNDLE$4,785**$5,035*$250**

* Normal Package Price – post Early Bird rate

** Early Bird Price – if registered and paid in full by 1 July 2022

***** Early Bird Price – if registered and paid in full by 1 October 2022

Should you require a payment option other than credit card, please contact us by clicking here

Exam Fees are not included in the Course Fees


IMPORTANT: The following options exist to pay for your Polestar course:

1. Pay the registration fee in full, and make use of the Early Bird discount

2. Use the Payment Plan, and pay the fee over a period of time. This is a slightly more expensive option, but helps when you need to spread out the payments.


Re 1. Paying in full
When you pay the registration fee in full, you can choose between the following payment methods:

  • Internet transfer the full amount into the Polestar account 030104 0440078 00 (Westpac)

  • Please note to add your name as a reference, otherwise we may not recognise your payment!

    Call us on 09 303 2211 with your credit card details if you want to pay the full amount with your credit card.


Re. 2 Payment Plan – only via credit card
See below for the Payment Plan details, for which you need to pay a deposit via credit card. We will then email you with the timings and amounts of each automatic payment as part of your plan. Please note that the only option to pay for your Payment Plan is via a valid credit card.

Please note that an automatic credit card surcharge of 2% gets added when you pay via Visa or Mastercard.

Payment Plan

Polestar Pilates NZ has a Payment Plan available which enables you to pay for your enrolment over a period of time, rather than in one go. The Payment Plan is available on the Normal Package Price only for PO, MAT 1 and MAT 2 OR PO, MAT 1, MAT 2 and MAT WITH PROPS OR Reformer & Mat Bundle, and incurs a one-time non-refundable handling fee of $100.

You have the option therefore to pay for the course fees in one go, or spread it out over a number of months. If you want to use the Payment Plan, you can choose this option at the time you register via the MindBody Online system.

Payments are required on the 1st of each of the months outlined below. Late payment penalty or credit card decline penalty of $50 will apply.

For the Mat Series, the following applies:

LocationNormal Price incl. Handling FeeDeposit*Month 1Month 2Month 3Month 4
Auckland - PO, MAT 1 and MAT 2$2,675$8001 Aug '22 $9401 Oct '22 $935N.A.
Auckland - PO, MAT 1, MAT 2 and MAT with Props$3,395$8001 Aug '22 $8651 Oct '22 $8651 Nov '22 $865
Auckland - Reformer & Mat BUNDLE$5,135$8001 Aug '22 $1,0851 Sept '22 $1,0851 Oct '22 $1,0851 Nov '22 $1,080

* Deposit is required at the time of registration

Please note that an automatic credit card surcharge of 2% gets added when you pay via Visa or Mastercard.


The Mat Certification exam consists of two parts:

  • A one-hour written exam consisting of 50 multiple choice questions (50 points)
  • Participation in a mock mat class. During this practical section the candidate both teaches a portion of a mat class and demonstrates their exercise performance as a student in a class of 6-10 candidates. Candidates will be evaluated on exercise modification, sequencing, accuracy, verbal and tactile cueing and the quality of the instruction. (50 points)

The written portion of the exam lasts approximately 1.5 hours in total and the practical lasts approximately one hour. The entire exam is worth a total of 100 points.
The candidate will need to achieve an 80% pass mark on both written and theory sections of the exam.
Exam Fees of $395 (incl. GST) are not included in the Course Fees. Click here to register for your Mat Exam.

Registration Policies

Please ensure to familiarise yourself with our Registration Policies (incl. Cancellations and Transfers) on this page before you register.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s very important to register well ahead of time, because you need to complete the online theory portion of the course prior to attending in-person weekend. Don’t hesitate and register now!

If you want to pay in full (minus Early Bird Discount if applicable) and you do NOT want to make use of the Payment Plan

Choose one of the following payment methods:

  • Internet transfer the full amount (minus Early Bird Discount if applicable) into the Polestar account 030104 0440078 00 (Westpac)
  • Please note to add your name as a reference, otherwise we may not recognise your payment!
  • Call us on 09 303 2211 with your credit card details if you want to pay the full amount with your credit card.

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