Online Hip Mobility & Splits Workshop

Hip Mobility & the Splits 300W

From your own home

Emily Adams

Anytime, Anywhere


60 mins



This workshop is not only about achieving the splits!

There’s no expectation to perform the splits but if your aim is to get there, this workshop offers all the tools and guidelines to achieve both the front and side splits.

However, if your goals are just to increase flexibility in your quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, adductors, and learn a series of new stretches that facilitate this, then this workshop definitely applies to you.

This online workshop is split into four parts:

Part I – Introduction and Dynamic Warm up This first part consists of an introduction to the Workshop and a fun, dynamic home warm-up option!

Part II – The Open Front Splits Sequence This second part consists of a lower extremity Mobility/ Flexibility sequence that guides you towards achieving the Open Front Splits!

Part III – The True Front Splits Sequence This third part consists of a lower extremity Mobility/ Flexibility sequence to guide you towards achieving the True Front Splits!

Part IV – The Side Splits Sequence This final part consists of a lower extremity Mobility/ Flexibility sequence to guide you towards achieving the Side Splits!

Precautions: This workshop is inappropriate for people who are experiencing the following:

  • Pelvic instabilities including SIJ issues, pubic symphysis issues, total hip joint replacements, hip bursitis
  • Pregnancy, pre-natal or 6 weeks post-natal
  • Neural tension
  • Acute lower back pain
  • Acute Sciatic pain

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the link to the YouTube playlist of all four modules mentioned above, which you will have unlimited access to. This means you can take as long as you like to complete each part.

ENJOY THE WORKSHOP – which you can add towards your CECs!

Registration fee is $40 incl. GST. Please note that an automatic credit card surcharge of 1.8% gets added when you pay via Visa or Mastercard. This fee will be added to your invoice & receipt.

Workshop Educator

Emily Adams Polestar Pilates Mat & Reformer Educator
Emily Adams

This workshop is taught by Emily Adams, who works as a Pilates instructor, Contemporary Dance artist, and Dance teacher.

Emily fell in love with Pilates at the age of 17 where it was introduced to her during full-time dance training at The New Zealand School of Dance.

Since then Pilates has been a constant in her life, a regular practice, as it not only enhanced her dance career but her overall wellbeing. In 2007 Emily discovered her passion for the teaching of Pilates via her initial instructor training with Suna Pilates where she qualified with certificates for Mat and Reformer teaching.

Aside from fulltime employment of four years with Wellington-based Footnote Dance Company, Emily has had a freelance dance career since 2006. She has had the pleasure of working with various overseas artists and Choreographers and she has been employed by many of the most high-profile Choreographers and companies in the New Zealand dance industry. This work has led her to perform and tour around the country and the world (Europe, UK, USA, Korea, Australia).

She has managed a successful parallel career in both Pilates and Dance and in 2014 she was eager to extend her Pilates training, so she began this with the Polestar Pilates method and has never looked back! Emily has since graduated from a number of Polestar Pilates courses, and she is a Polestar Educator and Mentor.

Emily considers it to be a privilege to share her passion for Pilates with others and is deeply invested in guiding each individual towards their goals.


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