Mat with Props (2-day on-site/virtual course) – Continuing Education course

Pilates Mat training with Props


Joanne Hutley

12 Nov '22

$860 when paid before 1 Oct '22 - $895 when paid after 1 Oct '22

2 Days

The Mat with Props course is an additional, individual Continuing Education course that incorporates a unique blend of Pilates Mat exercises with small props (Foam Roller, Oov, Bosu, Freeform boards, Swiss Balls, Small Balls, Resistance Bands, Ring, Rotation Discs and Wedge) to enhance and challenge your Pilates Mat repertoire.

If you are keen to develop your teaching skills and tools beyond the essential Mat repertoire taught in M1 and M2, then Mat with Props is essential, as it teaches you how to use various small apparatus and props to enhance Mat movement in many ways.

You learn how to use props to add challenge and variety to a basic movement during a Mat class. In turn, this helps prepare the body for a more demanding Mat repertoire.

Many people struggle with very advanced Mat work. Mat with Props gives you the skills to use props to facilitate these harder exercises so that more clients are able to perform them, thus making more of the Mat repertoire accessible to more clients.

In all of the exercises covered in Mat with Props, we consider how to either challenge or facilitate movement considering the Base of Support, Centre of Gravity, Balance, Co-ordination, Strength, Mobility, Proprioception and Alignment required for each exercise.

Not only does Mat with Props enhance the repertoire that you can actively teach clients to spice up your Mat classes; it also enhances your critical reasoning skills to help your teaching. Students always come away from Mat with Props feeling as if they have expanded their knowledge and have many more skills to apply to their Pilates teaching.

You must have completed PO, M1 and M2 before you can do Mat with Props – and here’s some feedback from students who completed Mat with Props:


  • ‘Having travelled up from the South Island to attend the Mat with Props course in Auckland, I found it was a great way to extend my teaching repertoire, the instruction was excellent and, having invested considerable money into flights and accommodation for the weekend, I was really pleased with the course and what I learned.’ 
  • ‘The Mat with Props course was such a great module to add to my Mat teaching repertoire. I found the knowledge brought more freedom and knowledge to my class plans. It was a very fun and educational weekend.’ 
  • ‘The Polestar Mat with Props course is an essential course that extended my Mat teaching knowledge, exploration, repertoire and creativity.’ 
  • ‘It’s such a fun and challenging experience, a must attend for Mat instructors who have completed the Polestar Mat series…!’ 

PLEASE NOTE: You can sign up for Mat with Props as a standalone Continuing Education course OR as part of the package MAT SERIES: PO, MAT 1, MAT 2 and MAT WITH PROPS.

Workshop Educator

Jo Hutley Polestar Pilates Course Educator
Joanne Hutley

Jo began her Pilates journey back in 1996 as a client of Maree Seerden’s and instantly became a devotee of the method, describing herself as a “Pilates addict”. Having hypermobile joints and having had to give up dancing due to prolonged injuries in her teenage years, Jo found that Pilates helped her develop the joint stability to be able to move freely again. She changed vocation to Pilates Instructor in 1999 working under apprenticeship under Maree Seerden. In 2001 she trained with Polestar Pilates in the first course run in New Zealand.

Since graduating in 2002, Jo has trained as a Mentor then Educator and ever since has been an integral part of the Polestar Education team as an Educator, Mentor and Examiner.

Outside of Pilates Jo has continued to develop her movement training through Yang Tsin Su Martial Arts, TRX Suspension Training and Runity running conditioning.

Passionate about Pilates, Polestar Education and language, Jo relishes working with training instructors and mentoring them as they embark on their own Polestar Pilates journey.

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