Pilates Mat Series – Auckland

Joanne Hutley

18 & 19 March 2017: Mat 1

20 & 21 May 2017: Mat 2

8am – 5pm

$2,260 (Early Bird $2,145)

Discover the building blocks of movement throughout the full repertoire of Pilates mat exercises as executed in their pure form. Learn the techniques that focus on group dynamics for mat exercises while evaluating and applying Polestar principles.

The Pilates Mat course is a 2 x two-day program with labs for performing and teaching. This course is ideal for personal trainers and group exercise instructors, instructors of movement arts such as dance, yoga, and Tai Chi, practitioners of somatic movement such as Feldenkrais® and Alexander® Techniques.

The Pilates mat course enables fitness professionals to incorporate Polestar Pilates exercises into their training. Learn how to design programs and exercise sequences for group and one-on-one training. Theory and practice of Polestar principles and instruction techniques are applied to each exercise. Verbal, tactile and combined cueing practices are addressed to facilitate motor learning.



  • Certified fitness instructor or instructor of movement arts (e.g. yoga, Tai Chi, practitioners of somatic movement)
  • Participation in 25 hours of group or private Pilates classes
  • Completion of Polestar Principles Online – in your own time prior to M-1 (see below)
  • Strongly recommended: One semester of basic anatomy/physiology or equivalent

The Polestar Pilates Mat Series consists of 2 two day courses and need to be taken in the following order: Polestar Principles Online, M-1, M-2


PO – Principles Online – in your own time


The first part of the course to be completed for all Polestar Series is Principles Online (PO). This non-apparatus course applies current research in movement science, biomechanics, kinesiology and motor learning to instructional practice through six basic movement principles that are utilised throughout the Polestar curriculum.

The PO course also introduces Polestar Pilates Screening, which includes postural evaluation and functional testing, to prepare participants to properly design and implement Pilates exercises for patients and clients. This unique component significantly enhances decisionmaking skills as a Pilates practitioner.

The online course is divided into the following 8 segments, can be taken in multiple sittings and can be watched several times for optimal learning:

  • Introduction
  • Principle 1: Breathing
  • Principle 2: Axial Elongation & Core Control
  • Principle 3: Spine Articulation
  • Principle 4: Organization of the Head, Neck, and Shoulders
  • Principle 5: Alignment & Weight Bearing of the Extremities
  • Principle 6: Movement Integration
  • Principles: Additional Resources

Short quizzes are offered throughout to identify the most important concepts and to help students organise their thoughts and study time.

PO Learning Outcomes

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Deepen your knowledge in current evidence-based research pertaining to movement science, motor learning, bioenergetics and communication
  • Understand the Polestar Principles of Movement
  • Demonstrate the ability to correctly execute and teach over 130 exercises and their variations
  • Be able to use the ICF Model or the Polestar Screening, specifically designed for the movement professional, which includes postural evaluation and functional testing to determine your clients’ strengths, weaknesses and goals


Please note that for those participants undertaking more than one Polestar Series course, it is only required to complete PO ONE time. So if for example, you want to complete the Polestar Comprehensive Series after you have completed the Mat Series, you do not have to redo PO.

Once payment has been received, access will be provided to the online resources.

Course Dates







Mat Series

By 28 Feb

18 & 19 March

20 & 21 May


Workshop Educator

Jo Hutley Polestar Pilates Course Educator
Joanne Hutley

Jo began her Pilates journey back in 1996 as a client of Maree Seerden’s and instantly became a devotee of the method, describing herself as a “Pilates addict”. Having hypermobile joints and having had to give up dancing due to prolonged injuries in her teenage years, Jo found that Pilates helped her develop the joint stability to be able to move freely again. She changed vocation to Pilates Instructor in 1999 working under apprenticeship under Maree Seerden. In 2001 she trained with Polestar Pilates in the first course run in New Zealand.

Since graduating in 2002, Jo has trained as a Mentor then Educator and ever since has been an integral part of the Polestar Education team as an Educator, Mentor and Examiner.

Outside of Pilates Jo has continued to develop her movement training through Yang Tsin Su Martial Arts, TRX Suspension Training and Runity running conditioning.

Passionate about Pilates, Polestar Education and language, Jo relishes working with training instructors and mentoring them as they embark on their own Polestar Pilates journey.

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