Gateway Pilates

Gateway Pilates is the perfect introduction to the Pilates Method and the Polestar Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive courses; it enables you to integrate Pilates into your current practice

Course Description

You have heard about the benefits of Pilates. It greatly enhances the quality of life and health in those who practice and teach regularly. You know you would like to be a Pilates Teacher and at the same time you find the investment of time and money to be overwhelming at this stage of your professional development.

Polestar Pilates® has designed a program just for you. The genius is in the education structure and multimedia support materials which give you a simple yet complete introduction to a profession that can bring you joy, professional satisfaction and an opportunity to earn money.

Gateway Pilates is an introduction to the Pilates Method and the Polestar Principles. It’s a great introduction course before embarking upon the Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive courses, as it will help instructors new to Pilates or for people with limited experience get through the course material easier.

This two-day course is a fantastic opportunity to take your passion for Pilates one step further. Whether it’s to enhance your own knowledge, start a new career direction, or simply incorporate Pilates into your current practice, Gateway is the perfect introduction to teaching Pilates.

Gateway will enhance your understanding of biomechanics and common movement pathologies that lead to increased functional strength and reduced risk of injury. Walk away from Gateway with a deeper understanding of the Pilates method, the ability to teach selected Pilates exercises, and the practical skills to apply correct form and sequencing.

Who is this course for

Occupational & Physical Therapists



Registered Nurses

Personal Trainers / Fitness Instructors looking to incorporate Pilates into their training and portfolio

Health professionals interested in adding Pilates to their patient work

Pilates enthusiasts or prospective students who want to become familiar with the method before taking the professional leap


Insight into Polestar Movement Concepts & Pilates Professional Ethics

Learn how to teach 18 Pilates exercises

Ability to teach the most common contraindications and precautions for each of the 18 exercises

Identify the anatomical landmarks necessary to teach Pilates

Ability to correct common faulty movement patterns

Gateway Testimonials

Course Format

Your course begins with three hours of online training at home, and shifts into experiential labs for collaborative learning. This is followed by the creatively and exclusively designed Polestar Gateway contact course Pilates Mat, which will not only equip students with an introductory level of Pilates teaching skills, quickly and effectively but also form the first and resourceful component of the Polestar qualification training programme.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. Please note that the Gateway course is an Intro level courses and is not a qualification course.

Continuing Education

What if I want to continue with Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive courses?

If a student completes a Gateway course and continues with either the Mat, Reformer, or Comprehensive courses, the following further discounts apply:

Gateway Course CompletedPolestar Course Series signed up forDiscount
MatworkMat Series$100
MatworkReformer Series$100
MatworkComprehensive Series$150

Course Dates

To be confirmed - currently no courses availableGateway MatworkTo be confirmed - currently no courses available


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