Gateway Pilates – Reformer

Joanne Hutley

13 & 14 October 2018

8am – 5pm

$685 (Early Bird $650)

16 hours (2 days)

Gateway Pilates – Reformer


Following this two-day Pilates equipment experience, you will have a deeper understanding of the Pilates method, the ability to teach selected Pilates exercises, and the practical skills to apply correct form and sequencing. Exercises are taught on the reformer and you will receive live feedback from your Gateway educator to help you become proficient with the movements, and online practice cards as a resource for home study.

This is a non-certification course, ideal for anyone wanting to find out what it takes to teach on the Pilates; in a predominantly 1-1 environment. All exercises are from the Polestar repertoire.

Please note that you do not need to complete the Gateway Pilates Matwork course prior to completing the Gateway Pilates Reformer course – they are independent courses.


Learning Outcomes:

    • Ability to teach 18 original and preparatory Pilates exercises
    • Ability to identify the basic concepts that apply to each Pilates mat exercise
    • Insight into the common contraindications and precautions for the 18 exercises
    • Ability to identify anatomical landmarks needed to teach Pilates
    • Be able to correct common faulty movement patterns
    • Satisfy the prerequisite for Polestar Comprehensive Pilates training
    • Certificate of Attendance

“As Physiotherapists, the Gateway Course run by Polestar Pilates was extremely beneficial! The instructors were fantastic, extremely knowledgeable and able to adapt theory and practise to each individual. There was a great balance between hands on practical work and the necessary theory to teach Pilates effectively. The course was so good that it made a participant who wasn’t quite sold on Pilates very interested in pursuing it further!”
Amanda Hodgson, Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital, Adelaide, Australia


Course Format


Your course begins with three hours of online training at home, then shifts into experiential labs where you will learn how to apply Polestar Pilates Reformer exercises; a set of four sequences and 18 exercises. These are exercises and sequences that you can immediately work into your exercise and rehab programs.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course. Please note that these courses are Intro level courses and are not qualification courses.


How your time is spent

Online Component

3 hours


Face-to-Face Training

16 hours


Self Mastery Practice

4 hours



Gateway Pilates Online


This three-hour online training is a requirement for all who attend any of the Gateway Pilates training courses. The online course fortifies the fundamental principles and history of Pilates, and consists of three lectures each followed by a brief online quiz, which you must pass to progress to the next Gateway course module:


    • Part 1: History of Pilates and Evolution
    • Part 2: Polestar Movement Concepts
    • Part 3: Professional Ethics (Scope of Practice)


Gateway Reformer v4


Course Dates









Gateway Reformer

13 & 14 October 2018


Course Fee


Course fees include attendance at lectures, access to Gateway Pilates Online, student handouts, morning and afternoon teas, as well as GST. Students are responsible for all personal extras, such as travel and accommodation and personal supplies and lunch during the course dates.





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Early Bird Saving

Gateway Reformer $650 ** $685 * 5% **


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  • ** Early Bird Price – if registered and paid in full by 14 September 2018
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Workshop Educator

Jo Hutley Polestar Pilates Course Educator
Joanne Hutley

Jo began her Pilates journey back in 1996 as a client of Maree Seerden’s and instantly became a devotee of the method, describing herself as a “Pilates addict”. Having hypermobile joints and having had to give up dancing due to prolonged injuries in her teenage years, Jo found that Pilates helped her develop the joint stability to be able to move freely again. She changed vocation to Pilates Instructor in 1999 working under apprenticeship under Maree Seerden. In 2001 she trained with Polestar Pilates in the first course run in New Zealand.

Since graduating in 2002, Jo has trained as a Mentor then Educator and ever since has been an integral part of the Polestar Education team as an Educator, Mentor and Examiner.

Outside of Pilates Jo has continued to develop her movement training through Yang Tsin Su Martial Arts, TRX Suspension Training and Runity running conditioning.

Passionate about Pilates, Polestar Education and language, Jo relishes working with training instructors and mentoring them as they embark on their own Polestar Pilates journey.

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