Three must-attend Continuing Education Workshops & Courses with Audrey Ng

Audrey Ng Polestar Pilates Educator

Wellesley Studios

Sat 17 & Sun 18 Aug '19

8.45am - 5.30pm

$675 ($$638 Early Bird)

12 hours - 12 CECs

We count ourselves lucky to get Perth-based Audrey Ng over to New Zealand to take these 4 Continuing Education workshops – suitable for Movement and Pilates teachers:

    •  Module 1: Posture Lab workshop – Sat 17 Aug 8.45am to 1.00pm
    •  Module 2: Functional Assessment and Integration of the Shoulder Girdle with Movement workshop – Sun 18 Aug 8.30am to 12.30pm
    •  Module 3: Pilates for the Integration of the Shoulder Girdle and Spinal Movement in Upper Limb Sports workshop – Sun 18 Aug 1.30 to 5.30pm

Registration fee is $675 incl. GST, unless you pay EARLY BIRD $638 prior to 15 July ’19.

1. Posture Lab – Sat 17 Aug 8.45am to 1.00pm

A fundamental workshop for all movement enthusiasts and specialists, the Posture Lab explores the underlying alignment of the body, which remains relatively constant through different functional positions and orientations.

With 60% of our body weight made up of water, an integral part of obtaining optimal alignment & body posturing is our ability to balance our body mass 3 dimensionally. Principles of the Aston Approach to Postural Assessment can help to illustrate the fluidity of posture, the effect of gravity on body weight, the ground reaction forces and muscular force coupling.

2. Functional Assessment and Integration of the Shoulder Girdle with Movement – Sun 18 Aug 8.30am to 12.30pm

This workshop explores the functional assessment of the shoulder girdle and its relationship to the thoracic and cervical spine and ribcage, in both static and dynamic postures and during spinal movement.

Suitable rehabilitation and Pilates exercise progressions will be presented for common shoulder girdle pathologies, movement and postural dysfunctions with the opportunity for discussion about the clinical reasoning.

This is aimed at allied health practitioners and Pilates or movement teachers.

3. Pilates for the Integration of the Shoulder Girdle and Spinal Movement in Upper Limb Sports – Sun 18 Aug 1.30 to 5.30pm

Building on the functional assessment and integration of the shoulder girdle with movement, this workshop analyses upper limb sports involving throwing, catching, using a racquet, bat, club or stick, or propulsion.

Spinal mobility and the myofascial slings are addressed as Audrey shares her experience in working with elite and recreational athletes to optimise movement efficiency, power, and endurance for peak performance.

12 CECs (12 hours)

Workshop Educator

Audrey Ng image Polestar Pilates Educator
Audrey Ng

These three workshops are taught by Audrey Ng, Director and Principal of Performance Pilates & Physiotherapy, established in 2003 and located in Leederville, Perth.

Her impressive list of qualifications is as follows:
– B Sc (Physiotherapy)
– Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction
– Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
– Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
– Certified Meditation, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher
– Principal Educator Polestar Pilates
– AntiGravity Technique Instructor

Audrey received her B Sc (Physiotherapy) degree from Curtin University of Technology in 1992. Previously an Australian international rhythmic gymnast, she commenced her study in the Pilates Method of exercise while working as a physiotherapist in Los Angeles, USA. Audrey has been incorporating Pilates in her physiotherapy treatments since 1998.

Audrey specialises in posture and movement assessment and rehabilitation with a holistic approach. She teaches her clients to improve their functional ability and efficiency of movement through understanding the effect of gravity and load on posture. She has also studied Strength and Conditioning, Yoga, Meditation and the Antigravity technique.

Audrey’s own health journey has led her to continue studies in Nutrition with the Integrated Health Academy. She is passionate about empowering her clients through sharing knowledge and teaching essential tools for physical and spiritual healing and growth through good nutrition, mindfulness and movement to lead more healthy, meaningful lives.

This approach has been useful for many clients including elite athletes, office workers or clients with a sedentary lifestyle, with chronic or persisting pain or injury, women and pelvic health, pre and post-natal care and the aging population.

Audrey is a Principal Educator for Polestar Pilates Education and has lectured extensively throughout Australia and Asia. Her clientele includes professional athletes from Cricket Australia, Perth Glory FC, WACA, Australian and WA Rhythmic Gymnastics teams, AFL, Soccer, Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, Golfers, Tennis Players, and Musicians.

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