Remedial Movement Class – prerecorded

Pilates Rehab Movement class


Maree Seerden


50 minutes

This 50-minute Remedial Mindful Mat workout with Maree Seerden is a great start to the day.

She invites you to be present in your body, and to observe what’s happening so that you become more aware when you are outside in your everyday life.

Remember “Motion is Lotion”; and this is a reminder that any movement is good for your body and your mind.

The fee to access this video is $18.

Workshop Educator

Maree Seerden Polestar Pilates Educator & Licensee
Maree Seerden

Maree is the Director and founder of the Pilates Body Studio, now called Polestar Pilates Studio, a Pilates conditioning and rehabilitation centre in the heart of Auckland city. This was the first Pilates studio to open its doors in New Zealand in 1995.

Maree has been a devotee to the technique since 1987, she started teaching Pilates based exercises in 1992 in London at the famous Body Control studios in South Kensington under the auspices of Gordon Thomson. Maree has multiple international certifications in Pilates.

Maree and husband Andrew are the New Zealand Licensees for Polestar Pilates. She is also an Educator and Mentor for Polestar Pilates. Polestar Pilates NZ was established in New Zealand in 2002.

Annual international travel and workshops keeps Maree networking within the Pilates community and they keep her up to date with the latest advances in the constant evolving Pilates method.

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