‘Fluid Fascia for Movement Flow’ – Mat Masterclass by Jo Hutley

Fuild Fascia for movement flow - Mat Masterclass

From your own home

Joanne Hutley

Anytime, Anywhere


90 mins – 1 CEC

Join Jo Hutley in this Mat Masterclass to release your fascia and help you access your flow of movement.

During the class we will explore techniques to ease tension in the fascial systems of the body, waking up our body’s proprioception and helping us enhance the ease and efficiency of our movement. After all, we want to move with “as little effort as possible”.

Although this is a low-level Intermediate class, many of the ideas we explore will be applicable to a wide range of Pilates clients and repertoire.

For this class you will need:

  • A soft ball (Chi ball, Overball or similar – partially inflated about ¼ full)
  • Small hand weights (0.5 kg or 1 kg or a couple of 410g cans of food)

The class is approximately 80 mins long.

Registration fee is $40 incl. GST, and you can earn 1 Continuing Education Credit (CEC) for attending.

This Masterclass was run via Zoom – and you are registering for a replay.

Workshop Educator

Jo Hutley Polestar Pilates Course Educator
Joanne Hutley

Jo began her Pilates journey back in 1996 as a client of Maree Seerden’s and instantly became a devotee of the method, describing herself as a “Pilates addict”. Having hypermobile joints and having had to give up dancing due to prolonged injuries in her teenage years, Jo found that Pilates helped her develop the joint stability to be able to move freely again. She changed vocation to Pilates Instructor in 1999 working under apprenticeship under Maree Seerden. In 2001 she trained with Polestar Pilates in the first course run in New Zealand.

Since graduating in 2002, Jo has trained as a Mentor then Educator and ever since has been an integral part of the Polestar Education team as an Educator, Mentor and Examiner.

Outside of Pilates Jo has continued to develop her movement training through Yang Tsin Su Martial Arts, TRX Suspension Training and Runity running conditioning.

Passionate about Pilates, Polestar Education and language, Jo relishes working with training instructors and mentoring them as they embark on their own Polestar Pilates journey.

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