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We were born to run and running is indeed one of the most popular sports in the world. In a society where our lifestyles are becoming less healthy, it is essential to engage in any activity that improves all markers of health and reduces the risk of early death.

Is it not strange that a very large number of runners are injured each year practicing the very activity our bodies are designed for? Decades of technological advances in sports equipment has not reduced the incidence of running injuries. What is the solution then, to run without injury?


Running is a skill and you need to know the rules. The rules are based on running biomechanics, neurophysiology and load optimisation. Knowledge of these aspects will allow you to master your own skills as a runner and, after a gradual process of learning and adaptation, will radically transform the way you run.

Runity’s Purpose: Improving the worlds running practice one stride at a time

  • Running is a fundamental movement skill, therefore running form can only be improved by learning to MOVE WELL

  • Running adds an incredible amount of load into our bodies, this load is only healthy if your tissues are prepared to take it. We’ll make sure you understand how to prepare and get FIT TO RUN.

  • Runity has the ambitious goal of changing the way the world runs. Runity will allow all levels of runners to prepare their bodies and minds to enjoy running safely and efficiently for life.

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Check out real life examples of safe and efficient running here.

Move & Run Workshop by Runity – 14 & 15 November 2017 – Auckland CBD

Running is recognized as the most powerful activity in improving our health and developing both our brain and body. However, running is an unsuccessful activity for most people. We know how to make running safer, more efficient and enjoyable every time you run..


This 12-hours workshop is intended to provide a pure experiential immersion into Runity’s approach to running. Your beliefs and your movement skills will be constantly challenged to get the best of you. We will explore amazing movement progressions to meet running requirements from beginners to professionals.



  • Running Movement Screening: Learn a practical tool to assess your movement control, prioritize your efforts and measure your progress.

  • Movement approach:  Understand the importance of enhanced movement skills to improve running performance and safety.

  • Conditioning Exercises for Runners:  Explore and learn the best exercises to improve the fundamental abilities needed to become a flawless runner.

  • Plyometrics: Current evidence supports the unbeatable efficacy of plyometric drills to improve connective tissue energy storage and recoil.

  • End Range Mobility: Expand your movement options by accessing new range of motion in key joints for running.

The following Online Educational Content is included:

  • Movement Screening tutorial and guide

  • Video-library with 60+ exercises for runners


  • This is a 100% practical workshop, not a certification. If you want to learn the theory fundamentals of Runity’s methodology and experiential workshop, we highly recommended you buy the Runity online course

  • If you want to become a Runity coach, apply to be selected among the limited number of candidates we mentor and train every year









Move & Run Workshop

Tue 14 Nov ’17: 10am – 5pm

Wed 15 Nov ’17: 8am – 3pm



Workshop fee includes attendance at the 2-day workshop lectures, access to Runity Online educational contents, morning and afternoon teas, as well as GST. Students are responsible for all personal extras, such as travel and accommodation and personal supplies and lunch during the workshop dates.




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Move & Run Workshop

$650 **

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  • * Normal Package Price – post Early Bird date

  • ** Early Bird Price – if registered and paid in full by 13 October 2017

  • Should you require a payment option other than credit card, please contact us by clicking here

Registration Policies

Please ensure to familiarise yourself with our Registration Policies (incl. Cancellations and Transfers) on this page before you register.

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Runity Painless Running Coach (PRC) course

Join us to learn the fundamental characteristics of safe and efficient running techniques.
Apply them to your clients, students or yourself and avoid the most common running injuries. Reconnect with your true nature and feel free while running with good technique. Get ready to run faster, farther and for the rest of your life.

Running Conditioning
Many people decide to start running to get in shape, but the reality is that you need to be in good shape before you can start to run correctly. There is the belief that to go from sitting at the computer to running a marathon you just need to get out and run. The reality is that there is a learning process where conditioning and adaptation are required. Without this process, it’s likely that you will become part of the 80% of runners that are injured every year.

Learn not only the fundamental exercises to improve your ability to practice running, but also the why behind them.


Only by knowing the functional requirements needed to run can you apply the corrective exercises to your client, students, friends and ultimately yourself. The Runity methodology defines the scientific properties of running from a biomechanical, neuromuscular, motor learning, psychosocial and bioenergetics approach. Runity provides technological and human interventions that improves safety, stickiness and enhanced benefits of the running practice.

Everyone should be able to run and we make that possible by teaching painless running. By applying the principles of movement efficiency, one can significantly reduce harmful forces that reduce one’s ability to enjoy running.

This new scientific view of the most ancient movement form known to mankind is the foundation Runity is built on.

The Runity Painless Running Coach (PRC) course consists of 2 two-day weekend courses (Module I and Module III) and one online module (Module II) in between. The modules need to be taken in consecutive order.

PRC Module I: Fundamentals & Conditioning I

  • Understand the characteristics of efficient running techniques

  • Know the biomechanics of running (kinetics and kinematics)

  • Analyse and identify non-optimal running technique (video analysis)

  • Understand the functional requirements needed to run

  • Evaluate sub-optimal motor patterns (Polestar Running Screening)

PRC Module II Online: Practice and tracking with real Runners

  • Learn and practice methodologies to improve running conditioning and technique

  • Practice with real runners how to plan programs for optimal running technique in the Runity Coaching platform

PRC Module III Running injuries & Conditioning II

  • Learn new exercises and classes to improve your runner’s functional demands

  • Improve your knowledge about Running Injuries

  • Show all you’ve learnt in the final evaluation to become a Runity Running Coach


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