The Polestar Experience – Sunday 16 September ONLY

Workshops for Auckland 16 September 2018 ONLY – with Dr. Brent Anderson, PhD, PT, OCS, PMA®-CPT, founder of Polestar Pilates®, and Shelly Power, BS, PMA®-CPT









8.00 – 10.00am

Workshop 1: Alignment, Load and Tempo – Group A

Dr. Brent Anderson

8.00 – 10.00am

Workshop 3: No Sitting Allowed! – Group B

Shelly Power

10.00am – 10.15am


10.15am – 12.15pm

Workshop 1: Alignment, Load and Tempo – Group B

Dr. Brent Anderson

10.15am – 12.15pm

Workshop 3: No Sitting Allowed! – Group A

Shelly Power

12.15pm – 1.15m


1.15pm – 3.15pm

Workshop 4: Beyond Mat Repertoire – Group B

Shelly Power

1.15pm – 3.15pm

Workshop 2: Core Control & Back Pain – Group A

Dr. Brent Anderson

3.15pm – 3.30pm


3.30pm – 5.30pm

Workshop 4: Beyond Mat Repertoire – Group A

Shelly Power

3.30pm – 5.30pm

Workshop 2: Core Control & Back Pain – Group B

Dr. Brent Anderson


Attendees will be divided into two groups, Group A and Group B; the workshops are held in two seperate spaces and get repeated during the day with the groups swapping around.

The fee for ALL of the above activities on Sunday 16 Sept equals $550, incl. GST, or $490 Early Bird if registered and paid for by 31 July 2018.

Click here to register for ALL activities on Sun 16 Sept

WORKSHOP 1: Alignment, Load and Tempo – Sunday 8.00 – 10.00am & 10.15am – 12.15pm

This practical workshop with Dr. Anderson will focus on using the tools of alignment, load and tempo to facilitate efficient motor learning experiences with clients. Brent will demonstrate how to manipulate alignment, load and tempo to create desired outcomes during instruction on the Pilates equipment.

Brent will also lead participants through a movement experience from mat-work to standing to create increased awareness of these three powerful tools when facilitating movement. Experience Polestar!

WORKSHOP 2: Core Control & Back Pain – What you need to know – Sunday 1.15 – 3.15pm & 3.30 – 5.30pm

Dr. Anderson will provide participants with an up to date review of the latest research investigating the difference between core control and movement based exercises for low back pain.

What do we really think happens when a client with low back pain participates in our Pilates classes and gets better? Is it the core control exercises or something else inherent to the Pilates philosophy or movement?

Brent’s studies and expertise in the field can bring new light and understanding to the field of movement science especially pertaining to its effect on low back pain. Let Anderson take you on a journey of discovery and experience “Contrology”, an amazing solution for low back pain.

WORKSHOP 3: No Sitting Allowed! – Sunday 8.00 – 10.00am & 10.15am – 12.15pm

Join Shelly Power for an exciting look at traditional and creative Chair exercises.

The Chair is the ideal piece of Pilates equipment to practice functional movements for day-to-day living, improving postural awareness and having fun. Learn how to improve your practice and teaching on the Chair and be able to apply the information and put it into practice immediately.

WORKSHOP 4: Beyond Mat Repertoire – Sunday 1.15 – 3.15pm & 3.30 – 5.30pm

Shelly brings a fresh approach and offers a new perspective to the traditional Pilates mat exercises. In this 2 -hour workshop we will work on movement to create the ultimate healthy body for ourselves and our clients plus explore how to integrate and progress the exercises for all abilities.

Each of the different movements will be used to prepare the body for more advanced movement on the Mat and on the apparatus.



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Dr. Brent Anderson, PhD, PT, OCS, President and Polestar CEO, from Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Brent has become one of the prevailing leaders in the Pilates world and currently one of the top presenters on Pilates Anytime. He had the privilege of training under many first-generation Pilates Elders. He received his degree in Physical Therapy at University of California, San Francisco in 1989 and his PhD in Physical Therapy at the University of Miami in 2005. His doctoral thesis explored the impact of Pilates rehabilitation on chronic low back pain using psycho-emotional wellness and quality of life measures.

With a formal education in Physical Therapy, Brent brings science and justification into the profession of Pilates. He founded Polestar Pilates with the vision of making Pilates available to anybody, increasing their positive movement experiences and way of life. He is seeing this dream come true every day. He also brings to the Polestar curriculum an investigation of the effects of psychology and energy systems on motor control and motor learning.

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Shelly Power, BS, PMA®-CPT, is the co-founder of Polestar Pilates Center Miami, a Pilates conditioning, rehabilitation and physical therapy studio in Miami, Florida. Shelly is a Polestar Principal Educator, has taught for Polestar Education since its inception in 1992 and currently coordinates the Curriculum Committee. In Dec 2012, Shelly was elected to the PMA Board of Directors, and currently serves as President.

Shelly is certified in GYROTONIC®, having trained with Angela Crowley and has completed the first year of Franklin-Method® training with Eric Franklin.