Dav Cohen, PT, Principle Educator

Dav was first introduced to Pilates exercise in 1992 while working in Los Angeles, California as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. His interest in the movement sciences and rehabilitation led him to pursue a Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy, which he received from the University of Miami in 1998.

Since then Dav has worked in a variety of fitness and rehabilitation settings, including Orthopedic Physical therapy clinics, fitness centers, health clubs and Pilates studios. He has been a Principal Educator with Polestar Pilates Education since 1997 and is currently Director of Curriculum for Polestar worldwide. Dav has just completed 3 years living in Sydney, Australia as the Director of Educator Development for Australia and New Zealand. When not in Denver, Dav conducts Polestar Pilates teacher training workshops and seminars nationally and internationally.

Dav is dedicated to the continued evolution of the Pilates community and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. Through his work he hopes to help maintain the highest standards of Pilates education and information and foster a spirit of unity and professionalism within the industry. Dav is an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, surfer and scuba diver.

Contact Dav Cohen directly: dav@polestarpilates.com