Abbey Parsons

Abbey Parsons Polestar Pilates Educator in Christchurch

Abbey’s love for movement has been a common theme in her life since a young age. Studying ballet and modern dance as a youngster lead to a placement at the New Zealand School of Dance.

Due to a foot injury Abbey spent hour upon hour in the Pilates studio before deciding to give fulltime dancing away and become a nurse. After studying her Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing, she took up a new graduate placement in Melbourne and returned to Pilates training for fitness. She completed a short Body Control based teacher training program and taught at central Melbourne studio for 6 months.

Some time travelling after that, gave new perspective and confirmed Abbey’s earlier dreams if becoming a Pilates Teacher. In 2007 while teaching full-time at a Christchurch Studio she completed the Polestar Studio Course and qualified in March 2008.

Abbey opened Movementor Pilates in Christchurch in 2008 and has been Mentoring and Educating for Polestar NZ since 2009 and has travelled to Brazil and Australia for International Polestar Conferences. Abbey most enjoys breaking movement puzzles down and putting them back together as well as finding new ways to bring awareness to people’s movement for them to move more and move better.